The Horizon Written

The title of this work is taken from the poem Around the Far Edge of Circling by Ed Roberson. His text deals with questions of mortality by making analogies between land and sea and the boundless edge of human existence.

It was first performed at their annual Festival of Remembrance which incorporated all ages and faiths, signifying the importance of peace against conflict and demonstrates how current conflict and war casts a dark shadow on a striving for world peace. The festival also aims to commemorate all those that have lost their lives during conflict past and present.

The Horizon Written was commissioned by Elliot Walker and St. Pauls Church in Rotherham, UK.

4 thoughts on “The Horizon Written

  1. This music fits the text so well, Joe, and does it justice. I would like to ask do you mind if I place a link to this in the FB page – 100TPC (One Hundred Thousand Poets for Change) – which is the Facebook presence of the BeZine (you know well) and Beguine Again web sites. I should also like to place a link to Roberson’s poem ( there as well?

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