Tour of Tuscany

After the premiere at the Victoria Hall in Sheffield, I was lucky enough to be able to conduct my work Night Sky Partials on a tour in Tuscany with three choirs from the local area, in three astounding church venues.

The SATB acapella choir for my piece was made up of close friends and family, which made the experience even more wonderful.

Below, there are links to both the recording and a previous blog with more information about the piece.

Sopranos – Emily Atkinson & Hilary Osborn

Altos – Anna Day & Emily Needle

Tenors – Harry Chapman and John Grundy

Basses – Daniel Timmins, John Anstie and William Day


Photo: Victoria Hall, Sheffield – 27/05/17

NSP - Victoria Hall.jpg

Photo: Bassilica Santa Maria Assunta, Montecatini – 30/05/17)


Photo: Convento di sant’ Agnostino, San Giminiano – 31/05/17)

San Giminiano.jpg

Photo: Parrocchia del Ss. Stefano e Niccolao, Pescia – 01/06/17)


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