A very rough sketch of my new piece for Meera Maharaj and James Girling, playing alto flute and prepared classical guitar. It will be the first piece in my new cycle Incendiary Colour, for various chamber ensembles and an added installation element also.

Each colour and shape represents a different set of ideas/materials which have yet to be pieced together into a functional work. Until then, at least the colours are pretty!

Penglai Hōrai (6) - JPEG.jpg

The music of John David Hirst (24.11.41 – 21.06.11.)

I’m very excited to announce a concert which will take place on the 8th April in Stocksbridge, Sheffield. The programme of the evening will focus mainly on John Hirst’s original compositions, interspersed with other items from a variety of performers and genres. All proceeds will go to both Cancer Research and the Stroke Association. I’m very lucky to have the help of friends and family in putting this together, which so far is going very smoothly! This concert which I hope will be the first in a series will be an ideal opportunity for his work to be performed and recorded in the local area.

I feel a special connection with his music because he was the only other person in our family (so far!) who attempted serious composition for instruments and voices throughout his life. Although our approaches are very different, I can’t help but feel part of a lineage somehow and being influenced by the sounds he created which is really inspiring. I’ll be writing more information on the background to his life and music very soon.

So far I’ve catalogued 30 of his works for mainly chamber ensembles with a few larger scale works too. Music for solo piano, violin duet, string quartet, piano quartet, chorus and orchestra is all there waiting to be heard. I would describe his music as romantic in style with hints of more modern ideas as well. His level of craft as a composer has produced pieces with a wonderful sense of melody, harmony and structure that are a joy to listen to.

Keep an eye out for the regular updates I’ll be posting about the concert and his music in this section of my blog, including how to purchase tickets and donate to both charities.